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If you like to play some game like ingress or even Pokemon GO that could made your battery drop dead. I think, this article will definitely help you. You don’t need to buy new phone to do that. A Powerbank is the answer for all your problem.

There are of course tons of power bank to choose from, but only some is the best for you. Now, we are here to give out some of the best Powerbank in the Store!

1. Xiaomi Powerbank (Most Un-Expensive)


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There are tons of xiaomi powerbanks to choose from, but each has a very low price with a really high quality, Which is why this is the best Powerbank for the best price. The Powerbank itself is pretty easy to use with a unique design. See and Buy xiaomi powerbank in amazon via link bellow

2. TYLT Energi 5+ (Most Convenient) 

TYLT Energi 5+

TYLT offers 5,200 mAh of battery, which will charge any flagship smartphone completely full at least 1.5 times. The TYLT Energi 5k+ has both a micro-USB cord for Android devices, and a Lightning cable built-in on the other side for iPhone users. This way friends or family can use it. Buy easily on amazon via link bellow

3. Simpiz iTron (Fastest Powerbank)

Simpiz iTron

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simpizitron is the fastest recharging portable charger requiring only 18 minutes to recharge 100% as compared to the traditional portable power bank that requires eight hours or more to recharge. Simpizitron is also one of the longest-lasting batteries, double the cycle life of standard portable batteries. Simpizitron also guarantees you get the safest charge with 8 protection mechanisms. Buy easily via link bellow

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4. Carved Wood PowerBank (Best Design)

Carved Wood PowerBank

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It’s relatively expensive, slow to refill its own battery and comes without any advanced features, but we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this charming hand-finished wooden power bank on style grounds alone. Just be careful not to let the Carved Wood Power Bank get too hot as it will burn a whole forest down

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