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What is Firmware? 3 Simple Guide to Update Your Phone Firmware

Firmware is a type of software that provides control, monitoring and data manipulation of engineered products and systems. It is the main System that operates your Android System. It control how your smartphone operate rather than software to highlight that it is very closely tied to the particular hardware components of a device, it is what needed for your hardware to run your phone.

Some of you might get the notification to update your phone. Not the usual Google play update, but the important System Update. Well, the thing that it will update is your firmware, to  make it much more interesting, fine, and better. One of the things that interests most Android users is whether or not their handset will be getting updates whether you got Samsung, Nexus, Redmi, Sony; You will definitely get this notification above.

Updates for your phone or tablet can be exciting. They usually bring new features and functionality, as well as increased performance, but how to update it? Follow this 3 simple guide to update your phone firmware

1. Just Touch it


Simple? Yes, it is very simple. Nothing much to be said. Just touch Download and your firmware will be updated after the download is done. The Downloaded file might differ between the updates. Some Updates might needed 300MB, but some might only need 20MB. The more interesting and more change to your update is, the more it will be downloaded

2. Do Automatic Update

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If you didn’t get your notification about updating your software/firmware. Then this step might work for you.

Usually software updates roll out to our devices automatically, When this happens, you’ll notice a notification that will tell you that an update is ready to install to your device and all you have to do is click on it to begin the process, but if for some reason you didn’t get it. Then  go to, your Settings > About Phone > System Devices > Check For Updates.

3. Manually update your Phone

Note : This is very Risky as you need to be prepared  for your devices if something go wrong. You might brick your phone. Bricking your phone meaning that your phone will literally be a brick. A non useful brick that is usually used for throwing dogs away. It will be useful to back your phone up before you do this step.

There are bunch of reason to update your phone manually, one of that is because you have rooted your phone. Which is why when you wanted to get the newest and improved  version of your android phone. The only way to do that is by manually updating it. Follow this step and it will help you :

1. Find your ROM

The first step to performing a manual update is locating a ROM that you want to install on your device. in This case we will talk about the official ROM not the Custom ROM. There are many place to get this, but usually it is available on your  manufacturers Website.

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2. Install it

To install the ROM, you’ll have to locate the specific program suitable for your brand of smartphone. Some is

1. Kies : Samsung

2. Odin : Samsung

3. Flash Tool : Sony

4. HTC  Sync Manager : HTC

5.  HTC One Tool Kit : HTC

6. LG PC Suite : LG

7. KDZ Firmware Updater : LG

8. RSD Lite : Motorola

For more information about how to update your phone Firmware on each brand. We will provide you with a new article each day. Stay tune and comment about what you would like to learn. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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