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Best Pedometer Apps for Android: How Many Steps did You Take Today? This Pedometer app will count it for you


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This day, technology has changed everything. When the new technology comes, the older one got forgotten. Earlier, you had to spend few bucks for buying a pedometer to count and monitor your steps every day. You also have to remember to take it with you for it to be of any use.

There are a better way nowadays. There is a devices that you won’t forget to bring every single time you went out of your home. It is your smartphone.

There are many pedometer apps for Android that are capable of replacing traditional pedometer devices. All you need to do is just installed the app and boom. You are good to go. Here we are going to list out bunch of best Pedometers apps for Android. Check it outs!

1. Walk with Map, My Walk


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Map My Walk – GPS Walking, Jogging, Running, Tracking Workouts and Calorie Counter

Start walking with the MapMyWalk community. Record GPS-based activities to view detailed stats; connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all your data in one place; log over 600 different activity types.

Map My Walk allows you to count your steps by tracking and monitoring your steps movement. It used GPS Tracking on your phone to determine how long and how far have you walk. It also uploads data on its official website where you may view your activities and detailed stats after logging in.


2. RunKeeper


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Everyone. Every run. Join the community that helps people get out the door and stick with running forever! Track exercise, set goals, sweat, and see progress along the way. Whether you’re working your way up to tracking a 5K goal or deep into marathon training, use the GPS app trusted by 50 million users and counting.

Runkeeper is great with its interface. The Apps has an easy to use interface and it works just as its said. It aims to help you improve your fitness by tracking your running, walking, cycling, bike rides and all other fitness activities using GPS of your Android phone. You can even attach photos to an activity you have just done. It also supports Android wear (Check out some of the best Android wear apps here!) if you got some.


3. Moves


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Moves automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise. Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag.

Moves is another pedometer apps, which automatically tracks your every step. The apps has a clean interface that uses circles of different sizes to represent how many steps you’ve taken, how many minutes you’ve biked, or how many miles you’ve run. Although it debuted first at the iPhone, Moves has now reached to Android with the same use. Its simplicity is its main forte. Check it out!


Running should be a fun exercise for you. The pedometer app help you realize that and help you put goals to your run. Check out some of the pedometer app that we have listed out above. Share comment and like this article if it has been a help to you. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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