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How to Update Your DZ09 Firmware: The Easy Step!

Remember : Updating a firmware without experience might lead to bricking your phone. I hope by reading this article, we assume that you already know the danger of updating your firmware without experience. Hopefully this article will be a help for you. 

What is DZ09 actually? well, for more information visit this page.

The most ask question when updating your firmware is that, what kind of tools do you need? What do you need to do? Where can i download the latest firmware version? and so on. Well, worry not, in this article (For you guys the DZ09 Users) we will give you a brief guide about how to update your firmware and where to download your firmware version. Check it out.

What you need?

1. Laptop/PC (Your Choices)

2. An USB Cable

3. Flashtool

4. Firmware

There you go, that is all you need to update your DZ09 Firmware. Easy right? First of all,i recommend you to back all your contacts up to your android smartphone before you start updating your firmware, because we might not know what will happen right?


There are many types of firmware that can be downloaded  on the internet, but the most useful one is of course the original DZ09 Firmware itself which can be downloaded HERE!

But of course there are other firmware that could be downloaded, but most of it is not perfect, so flash at your own risk :


APLUS (Password Didn’t work)


GT08 (Camera Trouble)

There are still many more firmware that could be downloaded from the web, but we will continue updating some of it in this article, so keep viewing this article for more information

Get Started

1. Dial *#8375# and write down the version info

2. Dial *#06# and Write down your imei number

First of all, you need your computer to recognize your DZ09 which could easily be done if you already have the driver installed in it. If you don’t then don’t worry, it come with the flashtool that is can be download in the link before. Install it then you are set to go.

Note : To check if your devices is successfully recognize. So Go to Memory Test tab and check RAM test only after that Connect your Devices with your computer and let it run, if you succeed then the green circle will pop up.

Next Step!

1. Power off your DZ09
2. Open Flashtool.exe and On the Download tab, hit Download Agent and open  MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin
3. Hit Scatter/Config File and load .cfg file inside firmware folder
4. Select Options, and make sure to tick “backup->Download/Format->Restore” on Backup and Restore tab
5. Hit download button
6. Connect USB cable to your device
7. Wait for backup, install and restore process done till GREEN CIRCLE appear then It will take up to 5min to complete all the process.
Note : It is important not to disconnected your DZ09 with your computer as it may lead to bricking your phone
8. Disconnect your USB cable
9. Done

It is not exactly hard to update your firmware, but dully noted that it is very risky to do that without experienced. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Update DZ09 Firmware
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