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App Review – Norton Family Parental Control App Review: Powerful Web filtering, Call and Text Blocking, Location Tracking and Many More

Internet is a scary place to let your kids wander around. If you are a parents and you already know one of the cyber crime, bullying and many other dangerous thing about the internet, you might know that it is very dangerous for your child too. If you are planning on giving your kids an Android tablet or perhaps you want them to have a smartphone, so they can get in touch with you. But, be sure to watch your child.


The problem is nowadays your child can do so much things by their selves, regardless of ours intervention or not. Even with our intervention there are no insurances that our kids might be on the dangerous part of the internet. Which is why, a parental control apps can definitely help you be at ease.

Parental Control apps is bunch of apps that could restrict what your kids watch on the internet. It is based on what you think that is okay for them to see. For example if you don’t want them to watch porn but still want them to be a gambler, then you can restrict the porn site. (Well, i hope you don’t really).

You need to know what can you do to activate the parent control apps, now we are here to give out a review about one of the best parental control app and cell phone tracker that exist on the google play store, The Norton Family Parental Control.

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The Norton Family app[1], from the makers of Norton Security, helps teach your kids safe habits for Web exploration and helps you stay in the know about where your kids are.

Download the Norton Family app to your kids’ devices and it will help them avoid unsuitable web content, including YouTube videos. Turn on Location Supervision[2] for the ability to track the location of their device—and show it to you on a map.

On the parent portal, you’ll see activity-tracking reports designed to give you insight into how and where your kids spend their time online, so you can see what their interests are and help keep them safe.

The Review :

Norton Family Premier packs just about any feature a parent could ask for into its mobile-device-management offering, giving you control over multiple features on multiple devices. Although it is a bit pricey (49.99$), You can get bunch of feature like Powerful Web filtering, Call and text blocking, Location tracking and many more.

There are plenty of parental control tools available, but the services that is given by the Norton Family Parental Control is one of the best. You can also tweak what kind of content that you wanted your kids to watch on the internet, including YouTube videos. For example you wanted to ban comedy for some reason (Mainly as a punishment) you just need to check it. there are about 47 Content Category that you can block.

Norton also lets parents manage how children use their devices—if the time allowance is up or the schedule doesn’t allow it, the phone or tablet can’t be used. You set time limits separately for each device the child uses. Additional options depend on the device type. For example you wanted your kid not to use the computer too much and focus on doing their homework. Just banned the internet there and voila your kids has no choices but to sleep or do their work.

In Conclusion

The apps Norton Family Parental control apps is one of the best parental control apps that exist in google Play Store. Even though it is a bit pricey, the feature that comes with the apps is worth it. If you wanted to take control of what your kids watch then this is probably your choices.

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