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Best Free Wifi Apps for Android: Connects Your Device to The Best Network in Every Location

For the iPhone version of Wifi Finder apps you can click this link here “Free Wifi Search apps for iPhone”.

There are bunch of things that keep us from going out to the real world, and that is the inability to find free wifi. Don’t worry, there are some apps that is built just for searching wifi, either free or not. Well, even if it is not, the apps will sometimes provide the password for the WiFi based on the community insides the apps. So here check it out!

1. HotspotIO



Hotspotio is a slick Android application that allows you to share and connect to WIFI connections with your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin connections in return for favors. You should have a favor in return when sharing WIFI with your connections, right? Sharing WIFI lets you define what kind of favor you want in return for being awesome. A drink, a hug, a like on Facebook or something else. People connecting to your network will return you a selected favors for your awesomeness.

Hotspotio is a free Wifi finder apps that is worth to try. With it, you can share your own Wi-Fi network with others, including a portable hotspot or a regular hotspot, and they in turn share them with you. You get control over who shares your network, and you can also remove access to it at any point. It is a community based apps that help you learn the importance of giving and sharing.

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2. WeFi



Our intelligent technology automatically connects your device to the best network in every location. This means two times faster data speeds that results in faster video, sharper images, better gaming and an overall better internet connected experience for you.

WeFi is an apps that boast to have built the world’s largest map of Wi-Fi hotspots, so finding the best connection is no longer a hassle when you are using its apps. Its massive network of over hundreds of millions of hotspots helps you combat slow networks and find the best WiFi anywhere in the world.


3. WiFi Finder



Nice look WiFi scanner allows you to connect all wifi networks: Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2.

List of network contains channel, graphic level, encryption.

This apps is kinda different from other wifi finder apps. It will help you find the best and the most stable wifi. The problem with this apps is that it won’t automatically gives you the password for the apps. So use this apps only if you wanted to search for the best shop with the most stable wifi to hang out with your friends.


There you go, some of the best apps to search for wifi. There are of course the importance of sharing the Wifi password to keep the apps online. If you wanted to know how to secure your internet connection, you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to help you with it, bunch of VPN services can be found in “Best VPN for Android”. Thank you for reading and have a nice days!

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