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Best Free Voice Translators for Android: 3 Amazing Apps You Should Try

Best Free Voice Translators for Android: 3 Amazing Apps You Should Try.

Greetings! Roonby present three of the best translator that supporting voice input and output. Furthermore, the good news is: they are all free.

1. Voice Translator by AxismobInc.

Voice Translator_voice

This voice translator has options to use Conversation mode or Multilingual mode.

In Conversation mode, you could either talking or typing the input language and get the result in output language. Just switch the input and output language by tapping the keyboard picture on the left of the flag or microphone picture on the right of the flag. Choose your language by tapping the flag. Notice that there are microphone symbol and sound symbol on the right of the language that you choose. The microphone symbol tell you that you could use the voice recognition. Likewise, the sound symbol tell you that you could use the text-to-speech.

Conversely, there is only one input for the Multilingual mode. You need to change the input language to get more language. Just like in Conversation mode, tap on the flag of input language and choose which language that you want to translate from. Nonetheless, you could have multiple language outputs in this mode. Just tap the globe picture on the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the language output(s) and tap OK. You have option to choose one or more language output.

2. iTranslate by iTranslate


This easy to use translator offer you a simple feature.

On the main screen, you will find the input language on the top, not to mention the output language on the bottom of it. Tap on the flag to switch over the language. There are 92 languages available. There are also options to use male or female voice. If one language have some variations, just like the English(Great Britain, USA, and Australia) and Arabic(Saudi, UAE, and Egypt), you could select your preference. For some language, you could customize how fast the sound is.

You could use this one of the best voice translator by tapping the blue circle with microphone picture on it. You could find it in the bottom right corner of your main screen. Switch the input and output language by tapping the switch symbol between the two languages. In addition, you could hear the sound as well. You will find that for some language, iTranslate support it with text-to-speech feature. Just tap on the sound symbol on the right side of the translation to hear the sound.

3. Google Translate by Google Inc.

Google Translate_voice

Google enable you to translate from texts, photos, voices, and your handwritings.

This application become one of the best voice translator because of a lot of reasons. It support a great deal of language. Furthermore, it has a lot of features, yet it stays simple and easy to use.

Then, how do you use the voice translator? Open your google translate. You need to customize your input and output language first. Tap on the input and output language that you need. You could find those on the upper side of the screen. You could switch between input and output by tapping on the switch symbol between them.

Find the picture of microphone in the middle of your main screen, then tap it. It will immediately direct you to ‘Speech’ page and then ask you for the voice to translate. Tap the language in the right or left of microphone picture every time you want to give the input voice. It will give you result in both text and voice.

We’d like to know your thoughts. Which voice translator that work best for you? Please, feel free to leave any comment. We hope you have a good day!