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Google Banned Over 200 Users for Dodging Tax

Google is banning pixel owners over a tax loophole. They could not access their accounts on Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive. Their incoming emails will be bounced back and mark as ‘undelivered’.

Pixel has a 5 inch screen. You could buy it for $649. Pixel XL’s price start from $769. It has a half inch bigger screen than the first.

Both are the first devices that were designed and engineered by Google. The company claim that the battery will last all day. Also, it has unlimited storage for photos and videos.

No state sales tax in New Hampshire

For your information, there is no state sales tax in New Hampshire, USA. Thus, some people take this opportunity. They ordered the phones to a place in New Hampshire. Then, they resold those phones to make some profit. Google noticed unusual amount of smartphones being addressed to a single place. The company’s spokesperson informed about the action. Google penalized those who take advantage of the loophole. They were banned from their own accounts.

Those who were affected has purchased the smartphones from Project Fi wireless carrier. Project Fi is a wireless service from Google. It could connect to Wi-Fi and cellular network. It chooses the best available signal among three different carriers. Then, it will automatically connect the device to it.

Equal opportunity to purchase the phone at fair price

A spokesperson of Google inform Fortune about the matter. Google sold pixel via the Project Fi or the Google Store. It prohibits commercial resale for them. You only could buy it for yourself or as a gift. The reason is that they want everyone to have equal opportunity to purchase the phone at fair price. Google has include the no resale term during purchasing process. Thus, the violation of this term trigger Google to bans their accounts.

The spokesperson also said that many suspected accounts were created for the sole purpose of that scheme. After investigating the matter, Google restore access of genuine accounts.


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