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Age of Card Fighter, A New Mix of Card Rule Combat and RPG Games for Your Enjoyment

Age of Card Fighter, A whole new RPG Games for Your Enjoyment

If you are bored and in search of new games, then you are in luck. Age of Card Fighter is one of your choice.


Age Of Card Fighter is an interesting new mix of card rule combat and RPG growth elements.
Adventure the world and conquer the monsters. Level up your heroes, collect the runes, slay the dragons and become the master of card fighter.

– ADVENTURE through 60 standard levels and 120 challenge levels
– CUSTOMIZE the rune set for each unique heroes
– COLLECT essences to power up the cards
– CONQUER over 60+ monsters and reap the rewards


Age of Card fighter is a RPG Game. Like any other RPG games, it has a monster and your playable character. First, let see the character, the design is very cute and there is an old school feel to it too. The game play is also smooth, and has a very interesting mechanic on it.


The way the games work is a lot more similar to card games. Of course it is not exactly like the usual card games. Age of Card Fighter uses card as a media for attack. The cards have 3 types Attacks, Spells, and Defense. If you wanted to attack, you need to choose 3 cards from your decks to attack, 1 for spells, and 3 for defense. You can only choose one for each turn.


On your card in your deck, you will see bunch of numbers. That number is pretty important, as it will determine who will attack on that turn. For example, if you choose 9,8 and 7 then you will get 24, which is pretty high, but! if your opponent chooses 9,9,9 = 27 which is above yours. Then at that turn the enemies will attack you.


So, what will you do if you only have a low point cards? Then just used Combo. Combo is activated, when you put a set of numbers, and with combos it will guarantee you to win against any card number. List of combos :

  1. 1,1,1 – Attack
  2. 1,4,6 – First Aid (Heal)
  3. 3,7,8 – Attack
  4. 2,5,9 – Attack
  5. 3,6,9 – Dispel enemies from any buffs

Of course combo is powerful, but its not like the combo is OP. No, it can still be rendered useless by using any card spells. The card spells also have numbers on it, the more powerful the skill is, the lower the number is. Each spells card can rendered each others useless, for example if you had a numbered 3 spell card against a numbered 1 spell card, then the number 3 spell card will win.

So in short, The way the card system is Attack < Combos < Spells.


Then what about Defense? Defense/dodge, will lowered the damage from any attacks, either basic, combo, or spells.

In Conclusion

Although the game is pretty fun, and cute. There are flaws, for example the drop rate of the items need for upgrading your spells is very low that you need a lot of run on the dungeon to get 1 upgrading items. There are also the inconvenience in with the combo.

I mean, the combo do work, but there are no list/books/ anything to remind you if you ever forget the combination, and there are also a bug in the normal/hard mode where the dungeon won’t update after you finish the games even after you beat the same level on easy.

So in conclusion, this games has a lot of potential. BUT! IT STILL NEEDS LOTS OF UPDATES! and also, it needs story, because i don’t understand what is the goal of this game except elevating my boredom.

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