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Mobile Legends Newest Feature – No More Offline Feeding!


Besides being unskillful in the games. One of the reason why we lose in the games is AFK team mates (leaving the game while the game is going). Either for their internet connection, or they are just an ass that love to rage quit when the games didn’t go their way. For god sake, if you people work enough teamwork in the games. There will definitely be a way to win the games. There is even an achievement for that, but of course some of you guys have a reason for not re-connecting to the game.

The way the game used to work. If you have an AFK team mates, the heroes will went on their way, killing mobs, but when they see another enemies heroes. They will search for it, trying to kill, even if the heroes went to their tower. So they usually ended up dead, feeding the enemies fat, making them harder to kill, and in return losing the game. Which is frustrating for your team mates, that do well in the beginning but ended up dying a lot because of that AFK team mates.


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Now, with the recent updates of mobile legends. If your teammates dies, and rage quit. The heroes that have the most point in the game, have an option to either make the your teammates stay at home, or follow them. Although it is still 4 VS 5 and pretty much imbalance. It is still a great feature that could definitely help your teams. So be sure to remember this feature! because some people don’t.

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Thank you for reading and have a nice day! Be sure to comment about how frustrated you are with your AFK teammates. I have an experience where i am the MVP of the team. I had 16 kill using Karina and 0 deaths but because my team tank is an ass., he ended up rage quit leaving me with the other 3 members without tank. So, story short, We Lose.

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