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Best Typing Games for Kids on Android: Help Your Little to Master Typing and Alphabet!

Nowadays, computer has been a part of our life. Either for entertainment purpose or simply just for work purpose. There are many things that can be done with computer now. It is important to let our kids know the importance of computer in early ages. Which is why you need to have them learn how to type in the early age.

Here we will give you a list of typing app on your android phone so your kids will have time to practice even when they aren’t on the computer. Here check it out!

1. Typing Game Fun



Learn to type faster by playing this funny game. This typing learner game can be enjoyed both by kids and adults!

The game is helpful for practicing typing structured text, whilst improving both your typing speed and keyboard accuracy.

The game starts with easy casual difficulty and gradually progresses towards more challenging game-play.

If you have ever play the all famous typing game called typing shark on the early windows 98, here is the Android version of the game, The Typing Game fun. You play as a submariner, trying to get shark and other dangerous animals of the sea to not eat you by typing. It is illogical, but hey it is pretty fun. The only downside of the game is that, it didn’t really use a real vocabulary so it pretty much is a game for fast typing.

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2. Clever Keyboard : ABC Learning



Help your little kids to master typing and alphabet with Clever Keyboard: ABC Learning Game! This is a teaching and training tool packed with lots of typing games. Cheerful cartoon characters make a step-by-step tutorial fascinating and fun. Download Clever Keyboard and grant your children a fascinating tour to the end of the alphabet!

If you are a parents and are worrying about your child education and wanted them to learn pretty much all the vocabulary and typing. Then this is the perfect app for you. The clever keyboard : ABC Learning game, teaches kids with a fun cheerful cartoon character that make learning fun. It teaches your kids how to type plus having them learn bunch of word from the picture that is provided by the apps. It is definitely an useful apps.


3. Type it!



Type It! is all about speed and quick fingers. It challenges (and hopefully improves) your texting abilities. Keyboard/phone orientation can be changed using the settings to use a horizontal or a vertical keyboard.

This is a fun game, for you guys that have an older version android. The type it, is a game for speed and quick finger. You have to touch and type as fast as you can to see if you can beat all levels. Your task is to type appearing words as fast as possible to score and collect all achievements. The faster you can handle the keyboard the more points you get.

By playing this game you can improve your dexterity and reduce the number of errors while writing mails, texting SMS, and surfing the web, and will definitely help you improve your typing speed.

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