By Kunti Wulandari / / Apple News

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Apple wants to have new movies on its iTunes platform soon

Apple has been negotiating with some Hollywood Companies to bring new movies to iTunes. Studios like 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures confirmed that Apple has been in talk with them.

They are negotiating for Apple to be able to have early rentals on iTunes. It will offer high-priced, home video rentals. The movies will be new, only two weeks after release on the theaters. Usually, it takes 90-days before we can see the movies at home. That’s apply whether you see it on streaming service, DVD, or Blu-Ray.

If the deal is set, viewer would have to pay premium-priced. Since, it will take revenue away from the box office. Kevin Tsujihara, the chief of Warner Bros., said that one option is rental service for $25 to $50 each for the new movies. It would still beneficial more than theater pricing for a small family. Also, parents don’t have to leave the house with their small children.

Apple wants to have new movies on its iTunes platform soon. It has its chance. If the deal succeed, we will see iTunes’ sales increased. Although, those Hollywood companies may decide to use another technology platform to release their new movies. One of the concerns about iTunes is whether it will be secure to delivers movies that are still in theater. While the movies will be encrypted, it is possible to use the camera to record a movie playing on TV.



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