Instagram Star confused their fans by “Singapore” Geotagging

Instagram Star confused their fans by Geotagging “Singapore”


Have you ever heard of Lele Pons? King Bach? Amanda Cherny? Twan? Logan Paul and many other. If you had followed them. Then you might notice that In their recent post on instagram this week. Almost all of the above is geo tagging Singapore. Why? you obviously know that they didn’t go there. If they really did go to Singapore, They might as well telling you people. Their fans.


The truth is that, It is actually a loophole on Instagram. By temporarily geo-tagging their posts there, they believe they can jump to the top of users’ feeds more easily. An instagram users with a sizeable followers even said in that ” “You keep Singapore up for 12 hours, then you change it. It’s fully ridiculous and dumb, but it works. I’m not sure why or if it’s just because it’s become a meme, but the ‘Singapore, Singapore’ posts do way better. It 100% works.”

We don’t know when will this trend be over, but it might be going on the past week. Let’s just see how it goes.