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Spectacles – A Pair of Glasses Made for Snapchat

snap spectacles

With the recent updates of stories in Instagram which is a rip off of snapchat. The Snap Inc finally made the original Snapchat Spectacles. It is a pairs of glasses with a camera inside, which takes snaps of the world without ever removing them from your face. You can now snapchat your life without even taking out your phone.

They’re sunglasses with a connected camera inside. Spectacles can record 10-second video clips that upload to Snapchat via an iPhone or Android phone paired through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Tap the button on the top left-hand corner of the sunglasses to begin recording a snap. It will automatically stop recording after 10 seconds, if it is not enough. You can tap it again for additional 10 seconds video, with maximum 30 seconds video and because it is a circular glasses. It can record the snaps with circular video which you can rotate your screen for better view.

If you wanted to know, how it record. There is an inward-facing light that turns on when you’re snapping, and an outward-facing light that alerts anyone in your field of vision, but remember that you need a Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi Connection for it to work.

The Spectacles needed battery in it, although it can really last for a long time. You still need to charge it. The glasses come with a charging case and cable.

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