By Kunti Wulandari / / News Social Media


Available for US Market since December, 12th

Now, people could live video streaming on Instagram. Unfortunately, only those of you who live in US could use it. It has been available for US Market since December, 12th. Users can use the live video streaming up to an hour with their accounts.

How to access it?

You only need some actions to access Instagram’s new feature. Swipe to your right from your Instagram feed. That action will launch a camera to start. Then, you need to tap on “Start Live Video” button in your Instagram. Thus, you can start a live stream from the Instagram’s Stories section.

All of your followers will get notifications when you broadcasting on its Live Video Streaming. A Live badge will be available while you are broadcasting.

However, a user doesn’t have to wait for Live Streaming by someone that he or she following. You don’t even have to wait for someone you know. It is possible to watch someone that you don’t know. There are “Top Live” list that you can see at that moment. So, tap on it to know what people watch.

These videos are not going to stay for you to watch anytime

However, keep in mind that these videos are not going to stay for you to watch anytime. They are only available for awhile. If the Live Video is over, it will disappear immediately. Moreover, Instagram make it impossible to save any of the streaming video directly from the app. We don’t know yet when it will be available outside of US, but let’s hope that it will be soon.


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