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Some people have been to the groceries, and forgot one or two items that they should buy. Instead, they bought one or two unnecessary items. Have you ever been in that kind of situation? Nowadays, we can use grocery list apps to keep us organize. Also, it helps us to be more efficient. We save time and money by purchasing items that only in our list.

1. Out of Milk Shopping List by Capigami, Inc.

Out of Milk Shopping List

Help you to keep your pantry in check

This easy to use app will help you to keep your pantry in check. Out of Milk Shopping List has three essential features. There are shopping list, pantry list, and to-do list.

It has shopping list. It’s where you put the list of items that you want to purchase. You could group your items into categories so it’s easier for you to see. Moreover, it is available to synchronize and share these shopping list with your family. Just in case, you can see your list online on

The other feature is pantry list. You could track your pantry inventory with this feature. In addition, you could move and copy list between your pantry and shopping list.

This super convenient app has to-do list feature that you can use not only to put your to-do list but also to keep track of other items that’s not part of your grocery.


2. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

Capture ideas, things to do and places

Maybe you know that Wunderlist is a kind of to-do list. However, you can write down your grocery list in this app too.
Generally, it helps its users to capture ideas, things to do and places they wish to see. You can attach photos, PDFs, presentation, and many more in this easy to use app.
You can put your grocery list, planning a vacation, and even individual or team project. This stylish app will help you easily share your list with everyone in your life. It can intantly syncronize your devices too, whether your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
You will love that it has those features but still light and fast. Furthermore, you can set reminder in this easy to customize app.


3. Google Keep by Google Inc.

Google Keep

It has location-based reminder

One of Google’s characteristic is its simplicity. You will also find that Google Keep is a useful and practical notes app with clean and simple user interface.
You can take notes, lists, photos, then share them with your friends and family. It has voice memo feature if you don’t feel like to write. So, you can say your list or notes and this easy to use app will transcribe it for you.
You can color coded and add label to organize your notes. It has location-based reminder too. This feature will give you grocery list notification right when you get to the store.
Furthermore, it is available to syncronize across all of your devices. That is including your phone, tabet, computer and Android wearbles.


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