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Take A Breather and Release Stress with these meditation apps. It is for you who has hectic life, and feel that you don’t get better result even though you has strive to do your best. Maybe what you need is to slow down and be calm. These meditation apps sure will give you that.

1. Prana Breath: Calm & Meditate by Oleksandr Albul

Prana Breath

Maintain your breathing gymnastics

This app is for you who want to improve your sleep quality. It help you to maintain your breathing gymnastics. Also, it is suitable for you who do yoga and live a healthy lifestyle.

Practice your breath with the guide of this app to improve your brain function. Therefore, you gain better memory, attention, and concentration.

Prana Breath also helps to improve your health as well. You could decrease colds, migraine and asthma attacks by doing your breathing exercise regularly. Furthermore, it help you to develop resistance to stress and give you more physical endurance. You may be surprise that you get better vocal after you practice with this app.

You only need to allocate fifteen minutes a day to use this app daily. It has seven breathing patterns that’s easy to do.


2. Calm-Meditate, Sleep, Relax by, Inc


Suitable for beginner.

Calm is a meditate app that suitable for beginner. However, immediate and advanced mediators and gurus can also use it. It includes hundreds of program aimed for them.

It help you to taking a nap, sleep better, or get relaxed. Exercise the breathing practices with its guide to get calmer mind. Start your day with calmer mind so your daily life will always be joyful, clear and peaceful.

It has several topics, including calming anxiety, managing stress, deep sleep, focus and concentration, and many more.


3. Headspace-Meditation by Headspace,Inc.


Only takes ten minutes a day

Headspace is an effective and affordable app to help you learning meditation. It has simple interface and the practices are easy to do.

Train your mind and be healthier, happier, and get more enjoyable life. You only need to relax and follow the basic meditation. It only takes ten minutes a day. It has option for you to get more of its program after you finish the basic one.

You can personalized your progress page so you can track your stats. The app will give you buddy to motivated each other. It also has reminder and you will get reward to do regular practices.


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