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Mobile Legends : Bang – Bang New Heroes Update *News*

Over the past months there have been numerous of updates for Mobile Legends. From new map, new interface and the most important new heroes. Lolita, Hayabusa, Natalia, Kagura, Chou, and Sun are some of the new heroes that have been released over the past months and now The developers decided to released a new heroes again!


Source: Facebook (Mobile Legends)

The Design of the new heroes is pretty unique, it has a spear which indicate it as a fighter type like Yun Zhao, but based on the picture. It looks like the spears can be shoot towards the enemies, making it the same as a marksman type. BUT! based on the picture that has been released by the official mobile legends Facebook pages before this character design. It is a support type.


Source: Facebook (Mobile Legends)

So, what is your thought on this heroes? This is probably the last heroes that will be released after the years end. If so, remember to saved up your BP to buy and test the heroes.

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