Google Maps Lets You Go on Uber without Leaving The App

The newest update of Google maps is making it easier to get a cab on Uber. Today, Google announced that the latest version of its google maps on both Android and iOS lets us the users request a ride from Uber without even leaving the app.

Before, you could use google maps to check the price and opening the Uber app to take/request the ride, and before that you can’t even do anything Uber related beside checking the maps in google maps. Now, the entire process can take place directly in Google Map. Just sign in the Uber Account info, which will automatically pulls up your stored payment information and other details.

Although Uber itself has been giving an OK sign for google maps to use its feature, Uber would probably prefer to stick with its apps, and there might be an error here and there as it’s just been released, but if you don’t like the way Uber looks now, or how much it cost your phone battery because of its location tracking. You can use google maps.