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Free Sniper Games for Android: Become A Master Hitman!

Playing games is fun, especially to lift up your boredom. Some people choose their own favorite genre of games, especially because of the mobile technology nowadays which let’s people play games wherever they want. Anyway, with bunch of different genre, of course there are thousand even millions of games that is available to download, whether from your favorite Apk website, or from Google playstore. One of the best genre is the Sniper games, Here is some of it

1. Sniper Shooter


Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to become a Master Hitman. Don’t miss a single Shot….or you will end up losing your job! Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets! Download Sniper Shooter Free – Fun Game now and don’t miss amazing updates!

Sniper Shooter is an easy to play sniper games. The game is pretty challenging and the story is interesting too. The games challenge the player by being a master hitman. Play  and accomplish the mission that is given to you. Aiming is pretty easy in the games, but! don’t miss a single shot, or you will end up losing your job. There are bunch of other feature to inside the games, like weapon upgrades, mini sniper puzzle and extreme missions.


2. Kill Shot Bravo



Welcome to the #1 FPS experience for mobile phones and tablets!
Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory!

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Kill shot Bravo is one of the most popular FPS games, although it is not mainly a sniping games, there are some mission that require you to snipe someone. You aim with your weapon and shot your enemies to death. The games start with you completing bunch of different missions. All the mission that is given to you, starts off easy. As you complete the games more and more. It will become harder till it is almost impossible to complete. Challenge yourself by completing it.


3. Sniper 3D Assassin



AIM and SHOOT! Download now for FREE one of the best shooting games!
Start the killing: FIGHT the global war on crime and become the ULTIMATE SHOOTER.

Get yourself a gun and start shooting.

Sniper 3D Assassin in 7 words: great gameplay, awesome visuals and entertaining missions. And best of all? It’s a free game to pass the time!

Sniper 3D assassin is one of the games that is built by fun game for free, which literally what the company mean. Playing a fun games, for free, without a single dime going out of your pocket. The graphic is really cool given that it has a 3D graphic. In the games, Sniper 3D has bunch of missions that needed to be complete 1 by 1. The games has a pretty easy control too, with different scenario and bunch of awesome and challenging stages. Challenge yourself by completing the games. Sniper 3D is definitely one of the best sniping games that is available to download.


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