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Tinder Tips – Some Simple Trick to Get More Match

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Tinder had been around for more than a year now, and it has connect millions of couple across the world. You can get a relationship, friends, or even enemies by just swiping right. Of course it is satisfying to see others match with you. It means that you are pretty, but what about those you swipe right, but never matches with you.

Here in roonby, we will give you some tips and tricks to get you more, and of course to get you not be unmatched by your match.

1. Your Picture

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The reason that people didn’t accept or swipe right to someone is because they judge you before you even meet them. Most of us did that. Although it is not good to judge the book by its covers, people still did that.

Imagine a young girl hiding a knife with a beggar hiding a bouquet of flower. Which would you pick before knowing what they are hiding behind their hands? of course the young girl. The same with tinder. The people that you are swiping right, doesn’t know you. They only know what you look like in the tinder profile, which is why dress attractively to get more matches, as they will definitely judge you for what you look first.

2. Your Profile Description

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After seeing what you look like, and they had given you the okay sign, the second thing that they will look is your profile. Well, unless they are searching for a booty call and are really desperate. Then you will get your message immediately. Anyway, they wanted to know, what is your preferences. What you like to do. What is your age, and so many others what, but don’t write a harry potter like kind of profile that will bore your soon to be match.

Just talk about what you like, and what is your hobby plus music references. A simple thing like quote can also be a conversation starter for them, or just say something fun and funny that match your personality. Either way it is fine.

3. Your areas

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The area base app like tinder is pretty tricky. Generally, people that use tinder wanted to had a match or a relationship with people on the same neighborhood, but what if you know all your neighbor and all that are on tinder for some reason. Then of course you wanted to search for your match in further area like.

Well, you can. The default settings of your match is only 10 to 15 miles, but you can increase it 10 times to 100 miles. Plus you can tweak your age range from 17-25 to 17 – 55+. Of course you will see bunch of elders, but if that is your preference then nobody can judge you. just go on their settings and just adjust it to your preference

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Source : The Independent

In the end, the only one that can match yourself with other is you inside. How you react, how you behave, how polite are you. If you wanted to attract people that is attractive, then be attractive yourself. Not just from the outside, the inside too.

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