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Thief King Game Review – It Could Improve Your Reaction and Concentration!

Thief King Game Review – It Could Improve Your Reaction and Concentration!

Over the past few weeks, we have been reviewing many kinds of games, but all of the games that we have reviewed there are not mini games type. Mini games is really suited for a kids below 6 years / 7 years old. Which is why, right now, we will be reviewing a games that is not only fun for the adults but also for kids to play.

Google Play offer many lots of mini games that can be pretty fun for both adults and kids. One of those is The Thief King.



Stealing is fun! Thief King is the #1 series of challenging and exciting mini games that tests the limits of your reaction.

Steps out of the shadows, sneak into the room full of securities, steal your way to the top of all thieves worldwide! Thief King challenges you with different kinds of traps and tickles you with witty puzzles as you try to take the honor of King of Thieves. Can you prove you are the smartest and most skillful thief in the world?


You know, stealing is bad, but in a game it is okay. Thief king is one of the mini games that uses your reaction to play. It lets you see how fast your reaction is and could improve your concentration. Apart from telling that the game is about stealing, it can also be used to train your kids reaction time and concentration.


If you are worried about about how your kids will play for hours. The game uses the energy system so you won’t need to worry about that.

In short, this game is great if you want to your kids to have some fun, but remember to guide them and told them that it is not good to steal something in real life.

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Thief King (Free (In App Purchase))