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Best Hidden Text Apps for Android – Privacy Protection to Hide Contacts, Messages and Call Logs that You do not Want Others to See

There are many reason why someone wants to hide their messaging text. Either for business reason, a crime, or a lover that you don’t want your other lover to know. However the most common one is that you don’t want others to know. It is pretty simple, and it is basically you want to have a little bit of privacy. So here, we will give you a list of hidden text app for your android phone. Check them out!

1. Private SMS and Call



Private Sms and Call is a fantastic privacy protection app to hide your contacts, messages and call logs that you do not want others to see.

(This application’s app icon can be hided, you can dial your “##pin password” (such as: ##1234) to open this application after app hide is enable.) Have you ever worried about someone read your private messages? Ever got a phone call at an awkward time? Ever worried about someone check your call logs casually or purposely?
it will helps you out!

It sets up a personal space on your phone where you can add any contacts in. After that, incoming/outgoing messages(SMS & MMS) and call logs between private contacts will be kept in that personal space without shown in normal message box or call log history.


2. Vault



Vault is a mobile app designed to hide private pictures, videos, sms, call logs and contacts on your phone. Currently there are more than 100 million users worldwide using Vault to protect their mobile privacy while enjoying App Lock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and many other helpful features for completely free! Join them now!

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3. Security



Do you often forget your phone? And worry about your personal data on your phone falls into the other people? “Security” is application to help you protect the Messages, Contacts, Call History, Photos, Videos and do not the prying eyes can see them with a password created by you.


4. Private Text and Call by Cover Me



CoverMe is the ultimate secure messaging app providing private texting, secure phone calls, fun and safe sharing of personal photos & videos, with an impenetrable vault for protecting your secret contacts, call logs, messages, documents, notes, passwords, and private photos & videos from prying eyes.


5. Private Message Box



Do you want to hide your private conversations? Worried on messages from one friend checked by others, then Private Message Box is for you. It saves SMS/MMS/Call Logs of secret contacts behind PIN pad.

To keep secret messages and calls of particular number, add it as Private Contact. After that when any new message received from that contact, it directly move inside application. Its easy to use and keeps user conversation secret. Your SMS and call conversation is 100% SECRET and secure. Incoming/outgoing Messages will automatically hide.

You can customize notification icon/sound. Dial “1234” (Default Password) to open application. It also provides free texting between App Users. Just Sign-In with your number. Send unlimited text,audio,photo and location details to another user.


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