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Looty Rogue – Mystery Dungeon: Be The Devil, or Just Play Around in The Dungeon that Full of Monster!

There are tons of games updates over the past weeks, and there are many of good games there. One of those games are Looty Rogue – Mystery Dungeon



Looty Rogue is a roguelike masterpiece with endless dungeons and monsters to kill. Lots of items to acquire and upgrade during your mysterious adventure. Tame pets and level them with you!

You want to play evil? Destroy everyone in town (assuming you are strong enough)!
You want to play a thief? Steal loot from the shop (assuming you are cunning enough)!
You want to play a hero? Rescue other players and be rewarded with loot!
You want to play a fiend master? Find and raise monsters and control them!

In Looty Roguelike mystery dungeon, you will be who you want to be.

Looty Rogue is a rogue like rpg dungeon that has an online feel to it. You can be whatever you want in this game, as the description said. You can either be the devil, or just play around in the dungeon full of monster.


The game uses level system, but the level will be reset each time you got back to the town. So, the way to get more powerful in the game is by equipping a god level item which can be found in a lower floor on the dungeon.

First of all, you might need to understand the basic in the game, as the developer itself didn’t put out the basic except the control. Oh, and if you are having a difficulty in the control, i suggest you to turn on the touch pad on the settings. It will help you play the game a lot easier.


Okay there are some things that you needed to know, and that is “TALK AROUND THE TOWN“. There are so many information that could be gain by talking around the town. You will find a blacksmith, an informant, a person that is blocking a restaurant (because his stomach hurts and you need to give him a poison leaf by giving i mean throwing the item to his direction), a lucky spin guy, a name changer (Which will change your name if you said “No”), a storage keeper, a curse reliever, and a revival quest giver.

The interesting part about this game is that, although it is called a rogue like RPG games you could still have a chances to keep your items even after your death. Which is interesting as most rogue like games do a permanent death system.

You could save your item in the storage, or waiting for you to be saved, but you need others to help you to be saved, which is why i said that the game has an online feel to it. It is a community based game and is a pretty interesting one too. You could try it by downloading and clicking the link below.

App Rating : Looty Rogue - Mystery Dungeon (Free (In App Purchase))

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