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Tavern Brawl Review – The New Chess RPG Games You Should Try!

Tactical RPG is a game type that emphasize in fast paced tactical RPG battle where each side takes turn to attack one another. There isn’t that many tactical RPG games that is available to download in Google play store. Even if there is, it is not really that challenging or so, but the game Tavern Brawl is not like that.



Love turn-based strategy tactical games but don’t have much time playing? Try Tavern Brawl – Tactics! It’s easy to handle and very charming! #Less Time More Fun#

Build up your own extraordinary team with classical heroic roles. Experience fast-paced battles with plenty of actions and strategic gameplay!


For me Tactical Brawl, is more like a Chess RPG games with some Clash Royale type of stuff. You will need to buy the heroes before using them and each heroes has their own unique abilities. The differences is with Clash Royale is that, it is a turn based game so you need to wait for your opponents turn before killing them.


You also need to consider your opponents health and strength. The enemies will counter attack your heroes after each turn. There are 2 type of heroes, Melee and Ranged. Each heroes has their own abilities like sprint where you could move 1 more block, Knock back – a skill to knock your opponents 1 block and many more.

With each abilities you will be able to strategize yourself to win against any enemies. If you want to play the game, you could download it in the link below.

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App Rating : Tavern Brawl - Tactics (Free (In App Purchase))
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