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Shadow Bug Rush Game Review – Get More Good Mood When You Play

If you wanted to find some interesting puzzle game that is not like any other game. Maybe you want to improve your concentration. The Shadow Bug Rush game is your choices!


Shadow Bug is back as slick as ever. Shadow Bug Rush offers endless levels of slicing monsters to pieces! The game’s familiar one-finger-controls take platformed gaming to a new level.

Upgrade the game’s worlds by unlocking new monsters and traps. Climb the leader boards. Collect loot, power ups and characters as you Rush through gorgeous landscapes with your ninja powers!


• Endless, random, increasingly difficult levels.
• Dozens of obstacles and traps carefully designed to slice you.
• Unlockable characters!
• Leaderboards
• Achievement

Shadow bug Rush is that kind of game, where you will get good the more you play them. It is the game of puzzle where you control a ninja like character. Your mission is to avoid your death in an endless run.

There are at first only a single opponents “a flying moth” which is pretty easy. Just tap at the moth and your character will move to the moth and kill them, sound simple right? Yeah, but after upgrading your game world’s, you will found a bunch of new monster and traps that you need to solve to get through the lvl, and more fast too, because there will be death chasing you at each corner.


The Stages are random, and increase in difficulty, but don’t worry. You will always find the same puzzle, again and again. The problem is that how quick you can solve it. You could also unlock other character besides the ninja one, by gacha ing it in the store. You could be a death reaper, a Robot, or even a cat!

Interested? Click the link below to download the games!

App Rating : Shadow Bug Rush (Free (In App Purchase))

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