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Animation Throwdown: TQFC Review – Trading Card Games that is Made for Fox Cartoon Lovers

Animation Throwdown: TQFC Review – Trading Card Games that is Made for Fox Cartoon Lovers

There aren’t many trading card game that is good and can be played in your phone. Some of them either need a lot of money to be spend, or just plain sucks. However there are also some that is good to play, and if you have seen the title of this then you will know what it is called. Yep, “Animation Throwdown: TQFC”


For the first time ever, five of your favorite animated shows are together in one amazing collectible card game.

Featuring hundreds of your favorite characters and moments from your favorite episodes. Collect character cards, optimize your deck, and create new combos as you fight in an epic card battle bacchanal.

The game may be digital, but the stakes are real!* The fate of the world rests in your hands!**
(*Stakes are not real)
(**The fate of the world does not rest in your hands.)


Animation Throwdown: TQFC is a trading card games that is made for those Fox Cartoon lovers. (TQFC is short for The Quest For Cards if you didn’t know. It is the title of the game). If you are a Fox Lover, then there are tons of your favorite character like Bender, Stewie, Hank, Tina and many more.

At first, You could choose bunch of your favorite character from a different cartoon series, like Leela from Futurama or Stewie from Family Guy. After that, You could start the game, the game start with a tutorial. It is the basic of the game and you need to finish it before playing the real game.

The gameplay is really simple, you pick a card, which has a Health, and Attack on it. Each turn you will be able to put out a card, or combine the card to make it into a more different and powerful card. Each card have their own combination and can be combine with other card.

However, there are also a catch to it. Before combining the card, you need to research the combination first. Which is why, you need to seek for a good combination before researching it. There are tons and bunch of online guide, you just need to search it.

If you are interested in downloading the game and play it. Then you could click the link below.

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Animation Throwdown: TQFC (Free (In App Purchase))