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Movie Pal Review

Don’t you just hate it when you are watching a movie together with your friends but don’t know what to watch? Well, now you don’t need to be conflicted. With the apps, Movie Pal, you could now plan your movie watching events easier.



Movie Pal, the app to find which movies to watch!

• Deciding which movie to watch takes more time than watching the actual movie?
• Having that one friend who has seen almost all movies in the entire solar system?

With Movie Pal, the process of finding which movie to watch with your friends has never been easier:
1. Create a “movie group”
2. Invite your friends
3. Search for movies that nobody in the group has watched!

As simple as that!


Movie Pal is a simple app actually. It is like its said, the app to find movies to watch. Usually in a group of friends that likes to watch movies. You don’t know what others have watched, and that person don’t want to watch the movie again. Movie Pal app is the solution, you will be able to know what your group of friends have watched. With it, you will be able to pick the best movie for you guys to watch. It is a simple function but it will definitely help you in finding the right and interesting movies.

The app is also link to IMDB so you can see what the rating and review. It will also let you see the similar movies. It is definitely a help if you wanted to watch the same type of movies. If you are interested in the app, you could try it in the link below.

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App Rating : Movie Pal (Free (In App Ads))
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