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Arena Master: Legends Begins Game Review

All RPG games, especially online games has a disadvantages for new player. It is because most of RPG games depends on the equipment that the player grinds. Not because of the player skills to play the game. Arena Master however don’t use that concept.


Arena Master is an Arena PVP game in which player is up against another player to be the best. The player will be able to play as a Heroes which has unique skills. You can choose up to 2 heroes for you to play with. Utilize their skills and abilities so that you will be able to win the game.

Like i said in the start, the game uses your skills to be the best. It doesn’t matter if you had a great equipment or a good lvl in the game. If your skill is zero then you will definitely lose. One game is only 2 minutes long and at that time you need to either kill, capture the flags for a certain time, or get away from the zombies depending on your mission.


There are 3 types of heroes that you can choose from, like any other games.

  1. Attack type which is the Frontliner of the game. The attack type will be able to kill the enemies with ease but they only have a small amount of health because of their small defense.
  2. The Defense type which is the Tanker, with them you will be able to take damage while diminishing the health of your enemies, they are pretty hard to kill but have a lil damage,
  3. and last the Support type which will be able to support other people in killing or support yourself by de buffing the enemies and killing them easily.

The game is very popular right now and is one of the top rated game in Google Play Store. If you are interested in downloading the game. Click the link below.

App Rating : Arena Masters : Legends Begins (Free (In App Purchase))

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