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Battle Bay Game Review

Sometimes we might need to step back from work and play something to soothe our tired mind. Playing games maybe a nice options. The thing is there are tons of games that is available in google apps. Maybe you are confused to choose it but don’t worry, here we are going to review one of the newest game that you can play anywhere and anytime called Battle Bay.


Face off against real opponents and own the waves in real-time team battles – it’s sink or win.

A real-time multiplayer battle arena in your pocket. Choose a ship, slap some guns on it and take to the tides with your fleet of teammates to trounce live opponents in five-on-five contests of seafaring strategy and firepower.

Besides angry bird, the company called Rovio has made another game, it is called Battle Bay. Battle Bay is a mobile ship game in which your objective is to kill every other ship besides your teams ship. The interesting part of the game is that each ship is controlled by a real time player. So in short it is a new type of MOBA game.

The gameplay is very simple, you control a ship of your own, 1 from 5 ships. Each with their own special abilities from The Enforcer that is the damage dealer, the Defender that is a tanker, the Shooter that can equip bunch of different weapon, the Speeder that can outrun every other ship, and the Fixer that is like a medic to your whole team.

Are you interested in the game? Then you could download it in the link below.

App Rating : Battle Bay (Free (In App Purchase))

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