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3 Best Free Educational Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Free Educational Apps for Android and iPhone

Are you a student that looking for educational apps? Then you need to consider the apps that we have listed on this post. There are many educational apps that could help you, but the problem is how to choose the best app for you? That’s why we have already listed educational apps for you. Don’t worry, because these apps are free to use and also available for Android & iOS users.

Here we go, the 3 best free educational apps that could help you during the study process:

1. My Study Life


My Study Life will help you to organize your classes, task, exam, lecture, and assignment. That’s why we have listed this app at the first life of the list. Of course, this app will make you easy to manage your study process, at least you will never forget a lecture or an assignment. Then, it’s time to say goodbye to the paper planner plan. What do you think? Are you interested in trying this app?

Here, the link to download My Study Life: Android | iOS

2. Photomath


If you have a problem with math, Photomath could help you to solve the problem. Just scan the equation that you want to solve by using this app, then you will get the instant result. You can follow the instruction step by step to understand how to solve the equation from this app.

Finally, there is also smart calculator in Photomath that could help you to edit and solve the equation instantly. Just click the download link below to get this app for free.

Here the link to download Photomath: Android | iOS

3. Duolingo


A Language is an important tool for communication, especially for a student. A language will help to get the information from books, article, or even a person. If you are interested in learning a language, then Duolingo will show you the new way to learn a language.

You can learn anytime and anywhere with Duolingo on your smartphone. According to the official website of Duolingo, this app is free forever. Finally, what are you waiting for? Try it and get the benefit by using this app to understand the new language.

Here the link to download Duolingo: Android | iOS


There is no warranty, that using the educational apps will help you to increase your study process. It always depends on yourself during the process. Well, that’s all the list of free educational apps that could help you to study.