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Confirmed, Android O Will Be The Next Android Update v8.0


Last March, Google made sure that the next Android release would be called as Android O. After that, Google began to deploy the first AODP (Android O Developer Preview) update for the application developers. Google will to release the 2nd AODP at the Google developers conference I / O 2017 conference that took place at May, in which there is the first build preview that can also be accessed through the Android Beta program.

Now, Google continues with the 3rd AODP, and in it there are a number of new information about the new Android update candidate. The update includes APIs for the final Android O, which allows 3rd-party app developers to instantly start developing an updated version of their built-in optimized app for Android O.

Hundreds of bug fixes and optimizations have been included in the update, and so far can only be installed on Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, LG Nexus 5X, Huawei Nexus 6P, and Asus Nexus Player.

If you are a user of one of the mentioned products and have previously signed up for Android Beta, then be prepared to get AODP v3 updates in the near future.

Finally, Google will release AODP final in July, and continue with Android O build final release in August. AODP v3 has included details that Android O is Android v8.0, not Android v7.2 or v7.5, which means that the Android O update will bring significant improvement over the current Android Nougat.