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Memrise – Funny Way to Learn A New Language!

Memrise – Learn A New Language!

There are so many benefits in learning new language. Of course, English is the universal language that is used around the world. But, here are also some people that don’t know English and so you won’t be able to communicate properly.

Especially, if you are in another far country. In regards to that, we ( have found an app that will help you learn any language easily. It is also feature as the best app in 2017, Memrise!



Unlock your language learning superpowers with Memrise! Next-generation mobile learning technology and content that is helping over 15 million people all around the world: every day, 2 million words and phrases are learned with a rich variety of games, chatbots and over 30,000 native speaker videos.

Learn French ?? Spanish ???? Korean ?? Chinese ?? Italian ?? German ?? Portuguese ???? Russian ?? Danish ?? Swedish ?? Polish ?? Norwegian ?? Turkish ?? and Arabic

All of Memrise Official courses are created by a dedicated team of linguists and language experts. They work in the same room with our world-class team of developers to push the boundaries of learning technology!

Memrise is a funny, innovative, educational, and interactive app that will make you have fun while learning another person language. The main problem about learning another language is the motivation to learn. If you didn’t like the language or the country to begin with, there is no way that you could learn the language. Even i am learning English for gaming purpose.


With Memrise, you will be able to learn the language with a native speaker, by using the video function. Each language has their own native speaker too, so you won’t need to worry about your speaking. There are also some fun and interactive games that you could play to increase your knowledge in a certain language. One of the thing that i love is the app will gives you achievements to keep you motivated. So, what are you waiting for, download the app and learn the language of your choice now!

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Memrise: Learn a new language (Free (In App Purchase))