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Top 10 Apps to Speed up your Wi-Fi Connection

Top 10 Apps to Speed up your Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes your smartphone may not perform better or you may have many issues with your Android smartphone. The poor speed of your Wi-Fi connection may be one of the issues in that list. I think the best part of a Wi-Fi connection is the wireless and it offers a good range of connectivity.

Most of the gadgets nowadays are manufactured with the Wi-Fi connectivity feature for delivering fast and better results. Now, smartphones are getting smarter and many professionals use this device for their work. We all want to complete our tasks at time and thus you will need a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Whether you are not a professional yet, you will need the fast Wi-Fi connection for your smartphone. You usually surf or download from the internet at a great speed using your data connection but whenever you connect your device to any Wi-Fi network the outcomes are not as expected. Then what you will do to improve your Wi-Fi speed?

Here, I have suggested the best 10 Android apps to speed up the Wi-Fi connection:

  1. WiFi Master


Wi-Fi master is an excellent android app to boost your Wi-Fi speed. This app will make your Wi-Fi connection more stable, secure and faster. By conducting speed test you can boost the Wi-Fi speed, detect and avoid spoofing hotspot by using its Wi-Fi security feature, Wi-Fi monitoring feature will help you to detect the unwanted Wi-Fi connections and also will help in finding freer Wi-Fi connections that will surely save your data usage.

This app will provide you some basic features for a faster Wi-Fi connection including Wi-Fi signal booster, Wi-Fi security, Wi-Fi speed test, Wi-Fi monitor, Boost mobile and personal hotspot.


  1. WiFi Mobile-NetworkSpeed


The major feature of this android app is to show the quality of your Wi-Fi network. This app detects the network speed by signal strength, network load by interface. This will help you to manage the interface issues by connecting to best suggested channel.

Whenever you see the INTERFERED Wi-Fi status use the free channels recommended by this app to experience higher speed. Using this app your Wi-Fi network speed can be measured in real time. This is the second best feature of this app and a life hacking tool for testing the network speed.


  1. Wifi Signal-Booster


Wi-Fi booster isn’t a hacking application rather than its functions to boost your internet connectivity by detecting system and background apps. This app is designed to perform better and also easy to use. Any user can benefit from this amazing app and speed up the network signals of any home or public network.

You can speed up your Wi-Fi signal strength by just one click. This app is loaded with amazing features including ease of using interface; analyze your current network speed, speed up internet connection and Wi-Fi extender etc.


  1. Network Master


This app is comparatively small and fast app for speeding up your Wi-Fi internet connectivity. This app is also useful in speeding up your data connectivity. This app automatically analyzes apps network usage and preserves bandwidth for the important apps including online video, online games and downloader app.

This amazing app helps you in detecting poor and spoofing Wi-Fi connections to protect your smartphone from insecure internet sources. You can also monitor the connected devices including smartphone, iPhone and computer/laptop on Wi-Fi hotspot. You can easily check security levels by detecting intruders.


  1. Wi-Fi Booster and Analyzer


This Wi-Fi booster app is very useful if you want pretty much from your Wi-Fi connection. This app will provide you much important information about your Wi-Fi connection such as signal strength, network SSID, network frequency, network security etc.

The Wi-Fi booster app works more effectively and stay connected you to the provided Wi-Fi connection. It provides long and stable connection because it re-associates connection between the devices and their access points. After installing this app you will experience faster internet, enhanced and stable Wi-Fi connection, and best response from the servers.


  1. WiFive


WiFive is an effective tool for your handset and it deals with multiple features required for a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection. This app is designed to measure the available Wi-Fi network speed and automatically gets connected with the maximum Wi-Fi speed.

WiFive easily detects the free Wi-Fi available in your locality that also helps you to save your data cost. Always tests speed to provide the best internet connection nearby. The Wi-Fi spy feature detects intruders by providing the number of connecting devices at a time. Wi-Fi Map is an extraordinary feature of this app helps you in navigating free Wi-Fi via Google Map.


  1. Wifi Mobile-Booster and Simulator


Wi-Fi Booster is another life hacking app for speeding the signal strength of Wi-Fi connection. Users can easily boost the signal strength by using this app to get the best signal available nearby.

Wi-Fi Booster will surely improve your wireless connectivity speed for best results, will improve stability of the connected signal, and will help you to get the better internet connectivity.


  1. WiFi Connection-Manager


This app is the one of the best app for scanning, connecting and managing Wi-Fi signals on android devices. Wi-Fi Connection-Manager is built to show you the save network’s passwords after rooting your device. Automatically detect and fix Wi-Fi issues. Instant connecting feature connects your device to the nearby Wi-Fi connection comparatively faster than your device’s Wi-Fi scanner.

Automatically switch between the networks available and can also connect to hidden SSID network. The web authentication, pause scan feature and backup of the saved networks help users to connect their devices with the Wi-Fi networks nearby at the great speed.


  1. Wi-Fi Master-Key


This app will be proved a key for the faster wireless connection in your device compared to device’s built in Wi-Fi scanner. Wi-Fi Master-Key is efficient for connecting with the free wireless networks and also for safe Wi-Fi sharing. Just one tap is enough to scan the wireless signals nearby and will connect with the hotspot quickly.

Almost all of these apps have a basic feature of detecting the faster wireless network and connect to it automatically. This app is also designed brilliantly to deliver excellent outcomes. Scan, test and connect to the stable wireless connection to give users reliable connection.


  1. Bestfreewifi


This particular app will detect, access and manage available connections nearby and also provides a detailed list of the networks available. Automatically login to the available networks and switch between the ideal networks. The app is compatible with the Android 4.0 or above smartphone, tablets and other Android deivices.

This Wi-Fi app has brilliant feature of changing your device’s name on wireless network. So your device’s name will be hidden among the hotspot manager.It can show the signal strength in graph and can also sort the Wi-Fi hotspot by level or name.


Written by Suraj Khumar

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