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GunGun Online – Old School Online Game Called Gunbound Revived!

GunGun Online – Old School Online Game Called Gunbound Revived!

Did you remember the old school game called Ragnarok online? Well, if you remember that, then you might know the second most popular game beside that, Gunbound Online.

It is a turn based artillery car game that focus on strategy shooting to defeat your enemies. It is pretty popular and has been going on around the world. Even now, if you search through the web, you will find some private hosting server that host the game. Well, now the game has been shifted and re-made to a mobile game called GunGun Online!



Gungun Online is inspired by turn-based artillery game, made for strategy shooting game lover all around the globe.

With UNIQUE mobiles, EXCLUSIVE avatars, REAL-TIME multiplayer, integrated with STRATEGIC level system, Gungun Online will definitely bring you ENDLESS hours of fun and enjoyment.

GunGun online is a remade of  Gunbound online, which is a popular game on PC. It is one of the best online multiplayer strategy shooting game on mobile nowadays. The game can be play in 2 modes, Dungeon modes in which you will duel a computer goblins, and arena in which you can have a real time online battle with 1 vs 1 or even 2 vs 2 with the other person. You could definitely spend hours to play the game alone.

There are also more than 10 mobile that has a unique skills each times. Although at first you will be using a mobile turtle (As it is given for free for registering in the game). Anyway, each mobile has 2 skills and 1 special skill / ultimate that you can use to kill the opponents. However, you need to remember that the more powerful your skill is the more time / delay you have to wait before your second turn. Which is why, strategy is really important in this game.

You could also use an items to boost your mobile. There are bunch of items that can help you win the game. From double shot, to teleport. It will all depends on your strategy as to how you play the game. Besides all of that, you also needs to check the win direction and power before shooting as it will also affect your shots.

The game is of course free to play, it is fun and if you are a 90s kids then you will definitely enjoy the sense of nostalgia in the game. Anyway, if you are interested playing this game, you could download it in the link below!

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