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POP4 Number Puzzle Game – Looking for A Game to Sharpen Your Brain Skills?

POP4 Number Puzzle Game – Looking for A Game to Sharpen Your Brain Skills?

Puzzle games is one of the biggest game genre that everybody of all age loves. Now, we will covered a game that has a similarity with the 2048 game. So, without further ado, here it is, POP4 a Number Puzzle Game.



POP4 is a fun mobile puzzle – it’s better than 2048, and more addicting. If you are looking for a number game to sharpen your brain skills – this game is for you!

Play for on your Android device as you pop as many fours as you can and gain more moves! Share your score with your friends on Facebook!

POP4 is the greatest number game! You can play other addictive games, but POP4 – game with numbers – will be best of them!

POP4 is a game about popping a number. The number that you can POP is a 4. Which is why the games tittle or name is called POP4. Of course, you can only pop the number with a limited amount of moves.

Anyway, besides 4 there will be other number from 1 – 4. Each time you click the number besides 4, the number will go up and so until you reach the 4, you can’t pop it. Anyway, each times you pop a number, you will make a chain reaction in 4 direction, up, down, left, and right.

Each reaction will either pop the 4, or increase its number. Which is why, you need to strategize yourself on how to POP your 4. If you can chain your Pop, you will be able to get more moves. So, you need to pop and chain as many as 4 as you can.

3 Reason why the game is great:

1. It is relaxing whilst Addictive.

Because the game is very simple, it is pretty relaxing. You will find yourself playing it for lots of times before stopping!

2. Easy to Play game

The game is very easy to play. You simply need to touch the numbers. Although it is easy, it is very hard to master. You need to choose carefully what number you touch – the less moves you use for clearing level the more moves you’ll have in next levels and the more levels you will be able to clear.

3. The game is has infinite lvl, So challenge yourself!

The game itself has infinite amount of stages/lvl, and there are no same lvl each times you play. So you will always find yourself playing while thinking. The game is also educative and can be use to help your kids (if you have one) to be smart.

Are you interested? Well, if you are, then click the link below to download it!

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