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5 Best Apps for Transfer and File Sharing on Android – Say Goodbye to The Bluetooth Transfer Connections!

Best Apps for Transfer and File Sharing on Android – Say Goodbye to The Bluetooth Transfer Connections!

Have you ever had a case, you want to send a large amount of critical office documents from your PC to your Android device? And you need it right away. Maybe you think “bluetooth” would be a good solution. However, when you try it, you will feel frustrated, why the process is so long?

Bluetooth service is quite convenient when we send files in small size such as pictures, music etc. But if you send large files using bluetooth media, this will take many hours.

But don’t be afraid, now the times have become more sophisticated. Now, every office even everyone has their own PC and android smartphone. Now, many file transfer applications with wifi based that will make our work easier. Sharing files over Wi-Fi directly has many advantages. The file transfer will be very fast.

In this article, we will discuss some file transfer applications for android. Each app has its own advantages, so which app is the best for you?

1. SHAREit


Developed by SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd. One of the most popular file sharing apps with more than 4 million downloads, wow!

Basically this app is similar to Xender, SuperBeam etc. This app helps you share almost without using Bluetooth or internet connection.

The transfer speed is very good and the files are delivered safely without damage. This app supports multiple platforms, from smartphones, computers, tablets, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows XP / 7/8.

How to use it is very easy. First, Select the file to send, Both press Send button, and the recipient must press the Receive button. Delivery process is smooth and fast (It certainly depends on the amount of file sent).


2. Xender


Xender is an easy-to-use file sharing app. This app can share any file type, from simple images to high quality videos with large number of files. Do not forget also, the delivery time in high speed will save you time.

To start using it, you need to open the Xender app on both devices. One device will become a hotspot and other devices will join the hotspot. After all connected, you will be able to enjoy the file sharing facility.

If you want to send files from your computer to your phone, Xender can also help you. The trick is very easy, this application will provide a specific URL to access the application and start sharing files.

One of the best apps available on the Play Store for sharing files. We have tried it and made it without interruption. One of the applications you should try!

get_it_on_google_play-svg3. AirDroid


Make Your Multi-Screen Exciting
AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android or tablet from Windows, Mac or the web, remotely, for free.

Focus Better
Phone, SMS and allow app notifications, copy to a larger computer screen that you’re focusing on.

More complete
Type with a physical keyboard and control with the mouse. Do the delivery quickly without looking at the cable. Better equipment, better life.

Better Connections
Take control of your Android from your computer and use any app on your computer, like, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. (DO NOT need root.)


4. SuperBeam


It has a complete and pleasing look of Material Design. If you are bored with how it looks, you can replace it. There are several options available, just go to the settings menu and you can choose what you like.

How to use it very easy. The first is to choose the type of file you want to transfer. Almost any file you can send, audio, photos, videos, apps, documents, and contacts. When you finish selecting the file type you want to transfer, the app will open a screen displaying all types of files. When done, tap the blue arrow.

You will be given 3 options to transfer files. Using QR code, NFC (if your device has this feature), or enter a password to the receiving device. Once this is done, the file will be transferred.

Done, it’s so easy!


5. Portal


Deliver pictures, videos, and even other large files from your computer to your phone in the blink of an eye. You will be amazed with the speed! How to use it is very easy, just drag and drop it.

Portal is very easy to use. Just open the app and drag on your computer and you’re ready to go. All files are transferred via WiFi connections. This means two advantages, fast transfers and free mobile data costs.