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Medieval Live Game Review – A Unique Combination of RPG with Building Game

Medieval Live game Review

Playing a game is pretty fun, every day there are tons of games that is being developed and uploaded to the internet for you to try and download. One of the newest and most probably be a popular game on Google play is Medieval Life.



A new adventure begins! From the same creators of the successful Nautical Life, we present: Medieval Life! An unique Tycoon and RPG experience with the beloved medieval theme! You can buy castles worthy of kings and queens, and customize the interior of your home with furniture for all tastes. See the cycle of day and night influencing scenery and hunting. Travel around the world and try to hunt down all mythical creatures to make a fortune.

Medieval life is a combination of RPG game with Building game. Well, although it is not exactly building something, just buying a house and furniture then arrange it up. The game focus itself on both aspect. The building and buying a furniture will increase your exp. You also need to hunting and killing bunch of monster to increase your gold count.

The game is very fun, but confusing at first. It is because the attack mechanic of the game itself. While attacking the monster you will see 2 bar above which is the attacks bar, and the bar lower which is kinda like a health bar. Your goal is to have the health bar go to the right, it depending on the rank of the monster it will be harder.

So, on the above, you will see your weapon and the monster, and the bar which had points in it. So the point is the minimum and maximum hit that you can deal to the enemies. The way the damage system work is that, each time you click the attack button, it will deduct your point with the enemies point. If your point is higher than the enemies point, the health bar will go to the right, and otherwise. It is pretty confusing, and sometimes you will be frustrated because the bar won’t go as expected.

Pros Cons
1. 2 game in one, building and killing monster 1. ADS!!!!!
2. Good graphic with cute monster to kill 2. Frustrating attack system
3. plenty of furniture and building for you 3. Pay to win type of game

Note : The game isn’t complete yet, if you wanted to unlock some map, you will need to wait for the update, i know! it is frustrating (27/07/2017)

App Rating

Medieval Life (Free (In App Purchase))
Alphaquest Game Studio