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Chef King User Experience – A Week in The Game

Chef King User Experience – A Week in The Game, Some of the Tips and Tricks

Chef King is a cooking RPG games that combine the concept of RPG and Cooking game into one. If you are interested in seeing our review then you could click the link here.


Anyway, the first week playing this game is like the game is probably one of those pay to finish type of game, in which you need to pay or see bunch of ads so that you could finish the game.

However, after playing the game for real. The game is not like that, you need lots of grinding of course, but nothing can’t be found in the game. Except for when you wanted to increase your storage or your equipment with a star. The ingredients is easy to find sometimes depending on your luck, but sometimes you need to play the stages for more than one time to get the specific ingredients for the game.


The graphic is honestly not that good, as well as the story. It is kinda forcing itself to make a story which is kinda stupid but oh well, your game play is good so i am not complaining much.

Another thing that i hate is that, the unpredictable cooking rank that will go from good to bad to okay randomly even after the item upgrade. The game don’t give the player percentages in which how well you will cook your dish.


Other thing that didn’t make sense is that, after you cook the item and give some critics to eat. You didn’t get any money. Instead you will lose some of your money, and sometimes when the cooking is bad, they will give you a bad comment too. Like what? I am giving you free food, from the ingredients that i found myself, while losing some money and you just give me a bad comments without thanking? Owh wow!

Anyway, even after all of that the game is honestly good. I like the game play from the game, and that is what hook me.