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Japanese Dungeon – An Educational Dungeon Crawling Game

Learning another language is hard. Especially, if you don’t want to learn that language. It is not fun at all, but still it is beneficial in a long term. Which is why most people forced themselves to learn it, but what if there are a fun way to learn a language. A way to learnt it with having fun? Well, The game Japanese Dungeon is the answer.



‘Japanese Dungeon’ will develop your ability to read Japanese words, while you’re playing it.
While your soldier is being hit by the fierce monster, you will get to memorize the words without noticing. 🙂

※ We highly recommend this game for people as below!
People who are interested in J-Pop.
People who want to watch Japanese drama without subtitles.
People who have given up after studying Japanese for a while.
People who plan to go on a trip to Japanese.
People who play Japanese Game.

Please, don’t feel difficulties to studying Japanese is difficult.
You can make it, if you keep trying it and reading it.

You see, the game is a combination of RPG game and any education type of game. The game is called Japanese Dungeon means that you will venture out to the Japanese Dungeon. When you select a stages, you will get the preview of a question that will be asked by the game.

The game play is like this: you will be asked a bunch or a series of question, if you answer correctly, you will be able to attack the monster, but if you answer wrong. The monster will attack you. Simple right?

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However, what i don’t like about the game is that, although it is a educational game, it uses an energy system. Of course, the developer might have their own reason, but still the game will definitely get rated more if they got rid of the energy system.

Pros Cons
1. Educational and pretty challenging 1. Plenty of ads
2. Fun game that makes it easier for people to learn Japanese 2. Energy system that annoyed the user
3. Can be played by anyone of all age 3. –

App Rating : Japanese Dungeon: Learn J-Word (Free (In App Purchase))
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