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Xender App Review – Send Your File Easily!

Xender App Review – Send Your File Easily!

Today, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We always rely on smartphones for almost anything, from communicating with others, booking travel tickets, entertainment purpose etc. One of the important functions of smart phones is to store files. It can be images, videos, documents, etc. With smartphone we can store as well as bring files easily.

Bluetooth technology has long been known as a technology for sharing or moving files wirelessly between computers and other mobile devices. How to use it is easy, you can pair up the smartphone with a Bluetooth enabled device to start the transfer process.

However, with the advent of Wi-Fi technology, the use of Bluetooth to transfer files has decreased. The weakness of Bluetooth in terms of speed and the size limit of the files sent is the cause. Today, almost everyone uses direct wifi technology to share files between devices.

Using file transfer over Wi-Fi is much faster than Bluetooth.Transfer Technology via WiFi is growing fast. Many famous developers nowadays offer this app, and Xender is one of them.

Xender is a very easy-to-use file sharing app. You can connect two or more devices at once to transmit files. Do not forget, with the WiFi direct, the speed of delivery will be 100 x faster than Bluetooth.

How to use Xender app?

1. Download the Xender app to your phone from the Play Store and install it. You can download it here.
2. Once the app is installed then open the app.
3. Organize your photos and profile name. You can choose one of the available avatars or use the image you like.
4. To send press the SEND button at the bottom.
5. For recipient phone select RECEIVE.

6. Voila! the file has been sent.

It is very easy, right?