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SuperBeam App Review – Send Your Files in A Flash!

Sending files, either images, video, music between your phone, computer, and other devices is now very easy to do. For small files, you can use Bluetooth. Of course, if your device supports it. In addition, you can use a USB flash drive to send files between computers or laptops. To use a flash drive on your phone you need an extra cable to connect it to your phone.

Fortunately, currently there is a new technology that uses a direct WiFi network to send files. One of the most famous applications is SuperBeam. This app makes file transfer fast and simple.

Visually, the apps is fairly simple. By default (your dashboard or first time you open the app) you are in the SEND menu. This is the menu to send file. There are 7 file options you can send.
1. Files & Folders
2. Audio & Music
3. Photos
4. Apps
5. Videos
6. Documents
7. and Contact

1. To send the file, you just choose what file category will be sent. For example, a photo file, open Photos.

2. Select the file to send, then click the blue arrow icon on the bottom right.


This app will automatically create a wifi hostpot with Superbeam SSID.
Do not forget, make sure the sender device and the receiving device is connected to the SAME WIFI NETWORK. If the device is not connected to the same Wifi network then the sending process will fail.


3. You can use the QR Scan method or use the Unique Key. Choose what you like.

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4. Done, your file has been sent!

To receive a file:
1. Select the menu at the top left
2. Select RECEIVE
3. To connect with the sending device you can choose 2 ways, Scan QR Code or use Sharing Key.
4. Done

SuperBeam has many advantages compared to Bluetooth. The speed is claimed 50 times faster than Bluetooth. I think this is not a lie. In our test, we sent a 65 MB video file less than 1 minute, impressive!!

In my opinion, this app can completely replace Bluetooth connections. The Speed issue and ease of use is a plus.

SuperBeamTransfer and Sharing App for Android