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MicroBots – The Next Level Brick Breaker Game!

MicroBots – The Next Level Brick Breaker Game!

Do you know a brick breaker game? A game in which you use a ball to break a brick. It is pretty simple game and i know that most of you guys had played the game. Anyway, there are a new modern version of brick breaker game. It is called Microbot.


Dive into the city of the future. You now control a ship armed with bouncy bullet gun with powerful functions. Brick-breaking style game will never have to be boring anymore. Your mission is simple: destroy all cyber bots. And they are not so easy. There will be powerful bots with special abilities. You can shoot power block to gain energy. With each energy you fire extra one bullet in one shot.

Functions are powerful, and they can be combined together in anyway you like. But use them wisely, because they will cost you energy. As you destroy more enemies, you will be level up, have more bullets to fire and have your functions upgraded.

Basically this is a modern version of any break breaker games. Instead of using a ball, you use a bullets, to shots down the brick. Each brick will have a number which indicate how many times you need to shot the brick and you need to destroy them before they reach the bottom line.

At first you will only have 1 bullet, but if you shot the brick that has a triangle symbol in it, you will be able to gain more bullets that can be used to either shot a brick, or using a skill which is called a function. The functions are powerful, but costly.

Some of the function :

1. Sticky Bomb: 2 Energy and could be used to launch a bomb to a selected area that will deal damage.

2. Split Shots: 5 Energy, every time a bullet hit an object, split into 2 bullets max split 16

3. Lightning Shot: 4 Energy, Release a bolt that shock all of the connected bolts when it touch. damage 2

4. Reflection Field: 4 Energy, create a mirror that will bounce every bullet back to the battlefield

5. Infection: 5 energy, infect a virus into the blocks and when the block die, they will release another virus and several bullets

This game is not the usual brick breaker game, However it has the same concept as a brick breaker game. So it is still fun, as you will need to think about your next move before releasing the shot. Anyway, are you interested in the game? If you are click the link below!

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