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VIU App Review – Watch ALL Your Favorite Korean Drama

VIU App Review – Watch ALL Your Favorite Korean Drama

Korean Drama is a great thing nowadays. The Tear Jerker series that will make your eyes wet, and most of all the over lasting sweet romance that will make your heart melt. Hmmmm, maybe it is a hassle to open up your browser and find the newest episode every time. So what can we do? Here in roonby, we will give you a smart way to watch any of your favorite Korean drama using an app. The app is called Viu


Viu brings you the best of Asian Entertainment anytime anywhere for FREE! Enjoy as free users or upgrade to Viu Premium* for more enhanced features.
Features of Viu:
– Watch the most up-to-date programmes from Asia, as fast as 4 hours* with subtitles. Content availability will vary from region to region due to content licensing rights.
– Free video download for offline viewing. Viu Premium users have access to Unlimited Downloads!
– Unlimited Video Streaming
– Free Member Registration. Registered members can enjoy bookmarking their favourite shows and multi- synchronization across devices for more hassle-free viewing
– Local language interface

I think, Viu is the best streaming app for any Korean drama lovers. The app perfectly worked without any issue, and the movie list are up to dates too. You will be able to watch any of your fav Korean drama series after it air online.

Another thing that i love about the app you can download it first and then watch it again later on like a Youtube offline videos. You could also watch anything for free. Although there are ads that will start every now and then while watching. If you are uncomfortable with the ads, you could get rid of it by using the paying some money.

So are you interested in the app? If you are, download it in the link below!

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Viu (Free (In App Purchase and Ads))
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