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Forest App Review – Build Your Focus and Productivity!

Forest App Review – Build Your Focus and Productivity!

Today, the smartphone technology is growing very fast. Of course, so many benefits that we get. But in addition to the benefits, we also get some losses. Maybe we do not realize many of our work is delayed because we too often open the phone. Some work that must be completed soon becomes unfolded. Yes, there are many interesting apps that can make us addicted. That is a problem that can hinder our productivity.

In Google Play Store, you will find several apps designed to keep you focused. The application sets deadlines and rewards concept when you take a break with your phone. Unfortunately many of these apps are too easily ignored and stop being used.

Forest is an application that is claimed to help you to build focus. This app uses a unique and different way.


Have you ever been addicted to your phone and just cannot put it down? Forest provides an interesting solution to beat your phone addiction. You can plant a seed in Forest. In the following time, this seed will gradually grow into a tree.

However, if you cannot resist the temptation and leave this app to check Facebook or play a game, your tree will wither away. With this interesting mechanism, the sense of achievement and responsibility will drive our users to stay away from their phone with no pain.


• A self-motivated and interesting way to help you beat phone addiction
• Stay focused and get more things done
• Share your forest and compete with friends
• Track your history in a simple and pleasant way
• Earn reward and unlock more tree species
• Customize your white list : Leaving Forest and using apps in white list won’t kill your tree.


First, set how long you want to stop from touching your phone. Then touch the “plant” button. Soon, you will see the countdown timer begin to move, beneath the picture of small tree seedlings. The time stated is the time you should rest using your phone. Forget about opening up Facebook and Youtube.

As long as you do not open the phone, the seeds can grow into trees. Each completed session will add new plants to your long-term “Forest”.

If you open the phone, you will see messages like “back to your work” and “do not look at me”. If you exit the app and use another app like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc the plant will die.

You can track your progress by seeing how the forest you get. You can also keep track of how your focus is. Whether your self-control improves or you often fail.

In my opinion, this application is very helpful to improve focus and concentration. Work productivity increases and time is no longer wasted. Good luck!