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RuneStone Keeper – A Rogue Like RPG like Gumball and Dungeon

Gumball and Dungeon is one of the best RPG games that has everything include in it. Awesome graphic, cute character, amazing skill, and plenty of quiz and mini games (if you are interested in downloading Gumball and Dungeon, you could see the review here.

Anyway, there are also a game called RuneStone Keeper which is a lot like the game Gumball and Dungeon.


Runestone Keeper is a challenging dungeon crawler game that is based on puzzle adventure as well as turn-based combat strategy and is also a roguelike to roguelite game that blends RPG and elements of card game.

Buried in the faraway dungeon, a mysterious power is waiting to be unsealed.
The witch, possessing in the adventurer, split the seal which had been affixed on vampires.
In a blink of an eye, the ancient fiend will destroy the whole world at the turn of the destiny.
At that moment, the darkness will devour everything.
The frank cook, the righteous knight, the solitary wizard and the forgotten vagrant…
People of all trades, gathering together due to this crisis, are by coincidence given heroic missions and set out on the expedition of saving the world.

If you are a fan of RPG games then you might love this one. The game used a tile system, each time you click a tile, you will reveal either a monster, a traps, or nothing at all.

Sometimes you might see a weapon and usable items that will help you throughout the game. If you encounter a monster, you won’t get attack right away, and you had the option to leave that monster. However the monster will prevent you in opening other tiles which means that you might not be able to go to the next floor.

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Your character and any monster in this game has a health bar, an attack point, and shield. The monster in this game has each their own special abilities and skill, sometimes over powered, but most of the times they can be beaten by the items in the floor.

There are also a God in this game that will grant you a ring and a tattoo. The ring will grant you some skill, and the tattoo will help you in the game in the long run, but you need to sacrifice some Rune Stone. You could also betray your God and worship other god in the game with some penny. It is a pretty interesting concept in my opinion.

The game is actually a steam game, a paid steam game. However you can play it for free in android. Are you interested to try? Well if you are, then click the link below to download it!

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App Rating : Runestone Keeper (Free (In App Purchase))
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