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BEST SOLUTION for The Game Lagging Problem in Older Android Phone!

Most of you guys might experience some lagging. If you had an older version phone, for example my Xiaomi Redmi 2. Which is released in January 2015. It has a 1 GB ram and a 1.2 Ghz Processor. Playing a game in it is so laggy, and can be pretty annoying. Especially, if you play a MOBA type of game like Mobile Legend or Arena of Valor.

So, what can you do to improve your phone performance? I won’t said the thing that you have known, like clearing up your ram or even factory reset your phone, because if you had found this article that means everything that you have done, didn’t work.

Anyway, there are 2 things that you can done to improve your phone performance. However, they both need you to have your phone Rooted. If you by chance have rooted your phone, then use this tips to improve your phone performance.

1. Install a light weighted Custom Rom

Why? It is because most of the time, your phone performance went into the system. The system will eat most of your ram, making it unusable to do other task without lagging. Even opening up a browser will take some times. Which is why it is recommended for you to install another ROM to boost up your phone performance.

However, the ROM that you need to pick must not be graphic oriented. It must be a performance oriented phone. Like Paranoid, Resurrection, or Cataclysm. But if you want to research more on what light weighted custom ROM that you want to use, I recommend the site XDA Developer, or this website here :

Note: Before installing a custom ROM to your phone. Search in the XDA developer. What is the best performance oriented ROM for you to download, or at least ask the community there. It is not my fault if your phone get bricked.

2. Installing a Mod called Pureperformance X

There are some difference between a ROM and a mod. A rom is basically the operating system. You could change your operating system like in computer, Windows and Linux. Whereas a mod is a software that you can change to boost your performance. If you install a rom, it means that you will replace the entire system. However, if you install a mod, it means that you will only replace a part of the system.

There are tons of mods that you can download to tweak up your performance, graphic and such. However, we are here to boost up your performance. A mod called PurePerformance X is a mod that can boost up your entire phone without changing anything. It is a great mod in my opinion, and i have tested it myself. The review of the mod are great which makes it beliveable. If you want to research more on this mod. Here is the link.


Note : you need to install init.d and custom recovery. 

To install custom recovery, click on the link “How to install custom recovery on your Android Easily”

After installing the custom recovery, install init.d by clicking the link Universal Init.d download

Note: in the link to download the mod, there are Stock and CM. Stock is the original Rom, which means that the rom that you use from the start. CM is the rom that you have flashed / a custom rom like cyanomogen and many other.

There are also tons of mod that you can download to boost up your performance. However remember to back up your files and data.

Anyway thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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