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Mobile Legend Tips and Tricks: How to not Die in The Game!

Mobile legend, although released a year ago, it is still one of the most played game. It is because of its updates and the new added features. Mobile legend developer also make some changes and major update to the game a while ago, making the game quality and graphic completely new. Because of that there are more people that is new to the game wanting to play and having fun with the game.

For those that have just played the game and might be frustrated. Especially, if they are on a losing streak. If your game doesn’t have any carry or if you are the carry (Carry is a game term for the person or the character that is carrying the game. It can be a killer, or a tanker) then this article is for you. Here, we will give you some of the tips and tricks to not die in the game, and try to win it.

1. Communicate with your team mates

One of the things that people tend to forget is the ability for the game chat to be used for anything other than bullying your teammates / bullsh*thing your teammates. People tends to shift the blame to other people. However, what if the problem is yourself then you must fix it. Communicate to your teams, to gather, retreat, attack, or mark a certain enemy to kill them. Just use the chat function or voice chat function to do that. It is pretty easy.

Use the game chat / voice chat function to tell them who to stun. Who to disable in the game, and to gather so that you won’t die.

Note: However if your teammates is stupid, then say goodbye to your win.

2. Use your tower

Tower are great. It lets you have that safe spots in the game. However, people tend to forget it, until their health bar is on the low side. You see, if your minion is on the front, and your team are on the losing side. Then don’t go out on your on, stay in the tower while defending it. The minion will come to the tower itself, your only concern is to how you manage yourself to not be impatience. Try to kill the minions that is on the TOWER and accumulate gold.

3. Don’t be Greedy

This is probably your reason to die, Greed. If you find someone with a low health, and is going on the run, then don’t chase them except, you are 100% sure that you can kill him and can go back alive. People tend to overestimate their ability to kill and chase someone. However, it backfires and even letting the enemy kill him/her. So don’t.

4. Item Choice

Item is a way to boost your damage, defense, health and many other. It is important aspect on the game. For those that use the item choice from the game then good for you. You are doing it right.

However, for those that are using your own item choice then please read the item description before using it. Don’t use a physical set item for Eudora, or magic set item for Alucard. It is stupid, you won’t contribute to your team that much, and you might be killed and lose the game.

Mobile Legend Tips and Tricks
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