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Pokemon Revolution Review – An Online Pokemon MMORPG Game

There some Pokemon game available on Android Play Store. Maybe Pokemon Go is one of the famous game. By the way, this game called Pokemon Revolution has been opened to public since 2015 and has been going strong since then.

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The Pokemon Revolution online used the same setting as any Pokemon game. The difference is, the PRO start from the start. Which is the pallet town. You will be going on an adventure with your pokemon. There are 4 pokemon that you can choose from Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Pikachu. However Pikachu can only be unlocked when you had refuse all other pokemon in the table.

The gameplay is really similar to the usual pokemon game. However, the game has tons of added feature like questing, PVP with other person and trading pokemon. There are also pokemon wandering around on the map, if you tap / talk to them you could automatically save their data on the pokedex. After saving the data, you will be able to know where it will spawn to catch them.

The quest can be found around the town. There are also a bounty quest. The bounty quest is a quest where you defeat an evil pokemon trainer and when you report the quest you will get some money. It can be found while talking to officer, Jenny.

Another cute thing about the game is that, you can see everyone’s pokemon walking besides them. It is like a pokemon park. However you can’t registered another person pokemon to your pokedex. So you need to find them by yourself.

You can evolve your pokemon at a certain lvl, and give them gifts to increase their affection. There are also your rival like Gary, in a different name. The game is definitely fun to play. The downside of the game is that the battle can’t be sped up, and the control is a bit hard if you are new to the game. In android, you will need to swipe and tap to walk and talk to the person. So be sure to remember that.

So are you interested in the game? well if you are, download it in the link here, and click the android client

Pokemon Revolution Online

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