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PAGF – Get A Premium App for Free

PAGF – Get A Premium App for Free

Did you know that you can have a good deal in Google Play Store? You can get a paid app/a premium app for free to use. However, they won’t tell you when the deal is. You need to search it by yourself. Hmmm, what if you just wanted to browse the app? Well, you could download an app called PAGF.


*** The app is currently in Beta. ***
*** This app works best when Google Chrome is installed on your phone. ***
*** Reset default apps settings if links do not open directly in play store. ***

“Paid Apps Gone Free” (PAGF) posts a daily list of paid Android apps that have gone free for a limited time.

Important Note

This app displays content in chrome custom tabs (in-app browser) but, it does have notification support and it will notify you daily when a new post arrives. If you do not like this, there are numerous other methods to follow and get notified.

PAGF (Paid Apps Gone Free) search for a list of a paid app that has gone free, and then listed it in the apps. This app is completely free. Note, the free app has a time limit to it. It may sometimes listed in the list, but may not be free at that time.

Pros Cons
1. Free App, to get a paid app for free 1. Listed apps may or may not be free
2. Easy to understand design 2. ads
3. – 3. –

So are you interested in downloading the app, then download it in the link below!

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Paid Apps Gone Free - PAGF (Free (In App Ads))
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